Health Initiatives

Empowered through Health and Wellness, this division recognizes the importance a healthier lifestyle has on an individual's overall well-being by providing through partnerships, programs and health screenings that work towards the elimination of health disparities and the accessing of community resources.

Springfield Urban League - Health Initiatives & Resources

The Health Initiatives Division works to build healthy and safe communities by eliminating health disparities through prevention and education as well as by promoting access to affordable and quality health care for the community. The Springfield Urban League partners with state and local government entities as well as community and faith-based organizations to identify the issues, beliefs, attitudes, and best practices that impact health within underserved communities.

Wellness on Wheels (WOW)

People in urban communities experience disproportionately higher rates of preventable disease. As proven through previous year's programs, health screenings are a critical method for detecting potential diseases before symptoms are noticed. The Wellness on Wheels (WOW) mobile unit provides health screenings to medically underserved minority populations.

The Wellness on Wheels Mobile Unit offers FREE health screenings:

  • HIV & Hepatitis C
  • Blood Pressure and Glucose
  • Back-to-School Physicals
  • Hearing and Vision Examinations
  • Diabetes/Cholesterol
  • Oral Health Screenings
  • A1C Screenings

Participants will receive their results immediately after completing the screening. No additional information is required for the screenings. If a health problem is found, the client is referred to the nearest available health clinic.

To reserve the Wellness on Wheels Mobile Unit for your community health outreach event.

Please Contact: Wellness on Wheels Coordinator at 217-522-0407 ext. 1451

Communities of Color Special at Risk Population

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), HIV & AIDS have hit African Americans the hardest out of all racial and ethnic groups in the United States. African Americans account for 15% of the Illinois population and about 50% of new HIV and AIDS cases diagnosed since 2008.

The Springfield Urban League's HIV Prevention program provides prevention messages through education and awareness, FREE testing, counseling, referrals, and risk reduction services to high risk populations.

For More Information about how to access Sexual Health Education and Resources:

Please Contact: HIV/AIDS Coordinator at 217-522-0407 ext. 1451

Carolyn Adams Ticket for the Cure - Breast Health Outreach Program

Springfield Urban League offer breast cancer awareness & early intervention education through The Carolyn Adams Ticket for the Cure Community Grant (CATCC) program intervention to women of color, ages 18-60 who live in Central and Southern Illinois. Together with a coalition of community partners, we endeavor to promote breast cancer awareness and education through a series of culturally sensitive outreach education events to create a supportive environment that empowers women to get active in their breast and cervical health.

For More Information and Breast Health Resources:

Please Contact: Women's Health Coordinator at 217-522-0407 ext. 1452

I Am Woman - A Healthy New Me!
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The Springfield Urban League's is the second affiliate of the National Urban to conduct a women's health initiative created to educate and empower African-American women ages 18 and older with the tools and resources to reach their maximum potential and become life-time managers of their health and wellness.

I AM Woman is a six-week program first conducted at the Columbia Urban League (SC) and designed by experts from the Morehouse School of Medicine from best practices in community health navigation programs.

Sessions focus on six critical lessons that are considered components of best practices for a community health navigation program which include

Session One, Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle Program; Session Two, Nutrition and Chronic Diseases; Session Three, Nutrition Literacy and Building Nutritional Competence; Session Four, Combating Stress and Emotional Eating; Session Five, Strategies for Healthy Eating and Exercise; Session Six, Partner with Your Healthcare Provider. The program is funded by the United Way of Central Illinois

There is NO cost for the program.

For More Information and Breast Health Resources:

Please Contact: Wellness Coordinator 217-522-0407 ext. 1451

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