Workforce and Economic Empowerment

Empowered through Economic and Workforce Development, this division assists in the eradication of poverty and helps families overcome financial hurdles and obtain financial stability, gain employment and build sustainable careers and provide other services that support success.

Community Health Training Center

Since 1991, the CHTC has worked towards achieving its mission of providing maternal/child health and nutrition-related programmatic and computer based instruction to local and state human service employees to support them in the task of helping their clients achieve maximum self-sufficiency through integrated family oriented services. To date, the CHTC has trained over 20,000 participants with the majority working for agencies that provide direct services in maternal/child health and nutrition programs, juvenile justice and youth services programs, and women's health.

To provide new skills and knowledge to staff, utilizing innovative ways of responding to identified local agency needs, the CHTC provides a blended learning approach by offering both instructor-led and web based instruction. Web based instruction, known as eLearning, uses an interactive approach which provides the user with a learning opportunity in their local agency setting on topics that are program or software related which allows students to progress at their own pace. eLearning courses are available anytime and anywhere utilizing a personal computer and high speed internet connection.

Distance Learning

Distance education brings together students and instructors separated by geographical distance. The CHTC's Distance Learning Program provides staff with the opportunity to participate in training experiences via the Internet within their local agency setting. Over one hundred twenty-broadcasts and training videos have been developed and produced by the CHTC with topics selected by the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS), Division of Community Health & Prevention. Instruction via satellite and webcast has proven to be a cost effective means of reaching a state wide and often nationwide audience. Within that framework, broadcasts provide learning opportunities using lecture, role play and panel discussions. Topics range from "Safety and Sobriety: Real Tools for Working with Women with Multiple Abuse Issues" to "Diabetes and Tobacco: A Harmful Combination."

Community Technology Training Center

Since 2001, the CTTC has focused on workforce and educational development for underprivileged students and adults in order for them to work toward and ultimately achieve their educational and employment goals in today's high-tech world. The CTTC serves as an Illinois WorkNet portal that provides a link for community residents to free online training, resources and workshops that promote workforce training and community empowerment. 

The CTTC Lab is further utilized by many Urban League programs including: the DCFS WASSUP Program, GAP, 21st Century, Youth Build Program, and Freedom School. The League remains dedicated to being part of a larger network of workforce professionals committed to raising the economic standards, health and technology education level of the Springfield community.


Every girl is unique, with her own needs, style, interests and strengths. All girl settings seems to provide girls a certain comfort level that helps them develop greater self-confidence and broader interest, especially as they approach adolescence. The founding principles of GAP, Girls Awakening Power, lies with the concept of finding the hidden voice within each young girl and giving it validation, power and a forum. Students learn everyday life skills such as cooking, money management and setting achievable goals. In addition to life skills, GAP focuses on increasing academic performance, exploring non-traditional career avenues for young woman and individual case management. Students will acquire their skills through interactive classroom sessions, structured mentoring activities, individual tutoring and leveraging of collaborative partnerships.


WASSUP is an innovative 12-month program that focuses on skill-building, increasing academic performance, career development, and individual case management. Services will be provided through individual case management meetings, interactive classroom sessions, self-directed learning, structured mentoring activities, individual tutoring, job shadowing, paid work experience, and the effective leveraging of collaborative partnerships. Students learn everyday life skills such as cooking, banking, money management and setting achievable goals. Students also develop job skills and experience through summer jobs. Additionally, summer employment also teaches the students time management as well as exposes them to workplace situations while providing the support and encouragement from WASSUP Staff to guide the students toward good choices and good job performance.

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