About Us

The Springfield Urban League, Inc. is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, civil rights and community-based movement that serves nearly 9,000 people annually, providing direct services, research and policy advocacy to assist individuals and communities in reaching their fullest potential. Primarily working with African Americans, Hispanics, and other emerging ethnic communities, it is networked with over 100 professionally staffed affiliates in over 35 states across the nation. The Movement, spearheaded by the National Urban League, headquartered in New York, works to close equality gaps for people at all economic levels and stages of life, and gives citizens a chance to give back as volunteers. Since its founding in 1926, the Springfield Urban League has helped hundreds of thousands of Americans overcome countless challenges in civil and human rights. Today the Urban League employs a five point strategy, tailored to local needs, in order to implement the mission of our movement.

  • 100 North Eleventh Street
    Springfield, IL 62703
    Phone: 217-789-0830
    Fax: 217-789-9838