Programs & Services

COVID -19 Rental Assistance

You may qualify for rental assistance if COVID-19 impacted your finances and your ability to pay rent.

Click here to access additional information and program qualification requirements. (pdf)

Health Initiatives

Empowered through Health and Wellness, this division recognizes the impact a healthier lifestyle has on an individual's overall well-being.

Education and Pre-School Age

Empowered through education and pre-school programs with the support of partners and using pre-school educational programming, this Division prepares students for academic success by providing various learning initiatives.

Education and School Age

Empowered through education, this division enhances the quality of existing youth programs and the number of programs available to the community all with a common theme: connecting adults and children in the community to provide in order to provide our children with the best experience in life.

Workforce and Economic Empowerment

Empowered through Economic and Workforce Development, this division assists in the eradication of poverty and helps families overcome financial hurdles and obtain financial stability, gain employment and build sustainable careers and provide other services that support success.

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