Local agency staff working in the BMCH or WIC Programs.
Class Times
12:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This training was developed to provide Illinois BMCH and WIC local agency staff with training on child abuse and neglect.

Additional Information

Upon completion of this course, viewers will be able to:

Provide a brief history of racism in the child welfare system in the United States.

Define implicit bias and the variables which most often impact our subconscious decision-making.

Better understand your role within the context of the child welfare system and how personal biases impact client care and outcomes.

Describe child abuse and neglect trends over time, trends in reporting to the child welfare system and characteristics of children who are most likely reported.

Explain ways in which implicit biases can appear in your role at DHS and how it impacts interactions with clients, and may lead to the over-reporting of children of color.

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