Lisa Crites Financial Coach

Financial Opportunities Center (FOC)

Bio & Accomplishments

Lisa has achieved 100% Personal Debt Freedom and has dedicated her professional career towards mastering debt reduction as well as family budgeting. Lisa's professional experience highlights are impressive. She was previously the Springfield Housing Authority Family Self Sufficiency & Homeownership Coordinator. Lisa's experience will serve as a powerful asset to the Springfield Urban League team!


Associates Degree in General Education | Lincoln Land Community College Associates Degree in Theology | Life Christian University

Bachelors Degree in Christian Counseling Degree | Life Christian University


100% Personal Debt Freedom Financial Freedom God's Way Facilitator Forward Financial Group Money Coach

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University training completed Gary Keesee Provision Institute course completed

Current Responsibilities

  • Provides 1-on-1 Financial Coaching Facilitates Financial Workshops and Trainings Helps Individuals Develop Budgets
  • Develops Plans to Reduce Debt Deciphers Individual Credit Ratings
  • Strategizes and Outlines Plans to Increase Savings Assists Individuals with Establishing a Bank Account

Internal Impact

Lisa is an essential key to the FOC program and will be utilized as a guide to coach individuals in achieving financial success! She will contribute by implementing strategic budgeting plans in order for individuals to reduce debt and enhance their knowledge on money management. Congratulations on your new role Lisa!

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For more information contact Lisa Crites at 217-789-0830 ext 1310 or via email

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