In a celebration of academic excellence and community impact, the Springfield Urban League proudly presents Robin Pitts as the distinguished recipient of the inaugural "Springfield Urban League Scholar of the Year" award. Robin's journey, marked by exceptional achievements and meaningful community involvement, exemplifies the spirit of academic dedication and social responsibility.

Robin's remarkable academic journey began during her freshman year at Lanphier High School, where she actively engaged in the Project Ready program. Over the course of three years, she also demonstrated her commitment to community development by participating in Camp NKIRU. These early experiences laid the foundation for her stellar academic and community contributions.

As a testament to her commitment to academic excellence, Robin Pitts currently holds the distinguished title of a National Honors Society scholar. Her academic prowess is reflected in an outstanding 5.4 grade point average, placing her at the impressive rank of #7 in her entire class. The College Board further recognized Robin's exceptional achievements through the National African American Recognition Program (NAARP), highlighting her as a beacon of scholarly success.

The Springfield Urban League proudly acknowledges Robin Pitts not only for her personal triumphs but also for the positive impact she has made on the community. Robin's dedication to academic pursuits and community engagement serves as an inspiration to her peers and a testament to the importance of education as a catalyst for positive change.

As we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Robin Pitts, we eagerly anticipate the incredible achievements she will continue to unlock on her academic journey. Robin's commitment to excellence and community betterment sets a standard for future scholars, emphasizing the transformative power of education and civic engagement.

Robin Pitts was officially crowned as the Springfield Urban League Scholar of the Year during the Springfield Urban League 97th Anniversary Dinner Celebration (12.01.2023).

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