Six of our Project Ready and 21st Century scholars attended the 2023 National Urban League Youth Leadership Conference in Houston, Texas. This premier event emphasized the development of leadership skills and empowering the young minds of our youth. The National Urban League brought together ambitious scholars from nearly every Urban League affiliate to expose the youth to exciting educational activities that highlighted financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and community involvement.

The week was filled with singing, dancing, chanting, networking, and empowerment. The attendees were inspired by the guest speakers, fireside chat talks, and felt heard during open forum discussions about their experience in school.  We attend these conferences in order to invest in our leaders of tomorrow... because THEY HAVE NEXT!

Springfield Urban League Project Ready scholar, Kennadi Alves, received award recognition during the entrepreneurship competition that challenged scholars from each attending affiliate to pitch an app that would help the youth in their local communities. Along with winning an award, Kennadi stated that she enjoyed the conference to the fullest because it was a lot of fun.

By investing in the youth today, we empower our leaders of tomorrow!  

“My favorite part about the conference was how the speakers included us (the scholars) in their discussions and made us feel that our voices actually mattered.”

Kennadi Alves | Springfield Urban League Project Ready Scholar


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