Empowered through Economic and Workforce Development, this division assists in the eradication of poverty and helps families overcome financial hurdles and obtain financial stability, gain employment and build sustainable careers and provide other services that support success.

Community Health Training Center

Since 1991, the CHTC has worked towards achieving its mission of providing maternal/child health and nutrition-related programmatic and computer based instruction to local and state human service employees to support them in the task of helping their clients achieve maximum self-sufficiency through integrated family oriented services. To date, the CHTC has trained over 20,000 participants with the majority working for agencies that provide direct services in maternal/child health and nutrition programs, juvenile justice and youth services programs, and women's health.

Community Technology Training Center

Since 2001, the CTTC has focused on workforce and educational development for underprivileged students and adults in order for them to work toward and ultimately achieve their educational and employment goals in today's high-tech world. The CTTC serves as an Illinois WorkNet portal that provides a link for community residents to free online training, resources and workshops that promote workforce training and community empowerment. 

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