The materials provided on this page are used in conjunction with IWIC, the data management system used in the State of Illinois

Web-based Modules

The target audience for these modules are local agency staff performing day-to-day WIC services including WIC Coordinators or other supervisory staff, CPAs and Frontline staff.  After viewing the modules, participants will have an understanding of:

  • How to navigate the IWIC system
  • How to search for applicants and enter applicant's information into the system
  • How to identify information to determine applicant status using household income details
  • How to utilize the system to create household/participant appointments
  • How to certify mothers and infants by completing applications using the system
  • How to distribute food packages and EBT benefits to WIC participants

Access the Illinois’ I-WIC Web-Based Training Table of Contents for the modules below including information on viewing time and staff responsibilities: (pdf)

Module Worksheets

IWIC Web-based Training Worksheet 1 - Modules 1,2,3,6 & 12 (pdf)

IWIC Web-based Training Worksheet 2 - Modules 4 a-c (pdf)

IWIC Web-based Training Worksheet 3 - Modules 5 a-d (pdf)

IWIC Web-based Training Worksheet 4 - Modules 7,8,9,10 & 11 (pdf)


IWIC: Documenting Adjunctive Eligibility (pdf)

IWIC: Changing a Date of Birth

IWIC: Transfers

IWIC: Void and Reissues (pdf)

IWIC: Using Advanced Search (pdf)

IWIC: Duplicates

IWIC: EBT Cards Status

IWIC: Pregnancy Loss Guidance

Understanding the Family Shopping List: English (pdf)

Understanding the Family Shopping List: Arabic (pdf)

Understanding the Family Shopping List: Chinese (pdf)

Understanding the Family Shopping List: French (pdf)

Understanding the Family Shopping List: Polish (pdf)

Understanding the Family Shopping List: Russian (pdf)

Understanding the Family Shopping List: Spanish (pdf)

WIC EBT Card Inventory

IWIC Flow Sheets

Certifying a Participant - Support Staff

Certifying a Participant - CPA


Individual Education Flow Sheet

WIChealth Education Flow Sheet

EBT Card Resources